What’s unique about JOSHUA’s UAV’s?

Unmatched Sensor Capability

Sensor payloads:

  • Built to accommodate next generation LiDAR sensors
  • Built to accommodate Laser Range Finder for precise distance to target
  • Chemical detection using IR & NIR
  • Signal jamming and re-broadcast station capability
  • Real Time Kinematic positioning system and anti-electromagnetic position interference protection
  • ADS-b Aircraft monitoring system - aware of other airspace users, for example emergency services
  • Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR) to detect objects buried below ground down to 1.5 metres
  • Electro-optical with tap to 30x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
  • Near Infra-Red detecting disturbed earth, water and foreign objects in search environments
  • Long Wave Infra-Red with tap to 8x zoom and 640 x 512 high resolution imaging and video

What’s unique about JOSHUA’s UAV’s?

Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Video Analytics

One of our value-added services is the intelligence capability from our advanced analytics and Darknet feeds. Using bespoke algorithms and software, to pass on intelligence in a clear and precise manner like ANPR number plate recognition, facial recognition, social media, encrypted messaging and suspicious behaviour models to clarify, identify, target and pass on that information to the inter connected command centres for real time analysis:

  • Long range live data streaming.
  • Video Analytics – people, objects, vehicles and locations.
  • Facial Recognition – analyse and cross check raw data feeds of faces and crowds with Darknet trawls.
  • Suspicious Behaviour – clarify, identify and target criminal body language, behaviour or illegal activity.
  • Identify and track missing assets using combination of surveillance, sensors and Darknet intelligence.
  • Create Geofences to track movement in and out of any secure site.
  • Track MAC ID, IP addresses and Geolocation coordinates.
  • Darknet feeds provide deep level, threat analysis, which supports operations by providing intelligence on motives, intent, capability and parties involved – such as APT, State Sponsor or Terrorist.
  • Collecting vital data sets and intelligence such as Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR), thermal signatures, Near Infra-Red (NIR) and Electro-optical images and video.

JOSHUA Advanced UAV Specification

AI Series
Max Flight Time No Payload
38 Minutes
Flight Time
Up to 38 minutes
Max Flight Time Full Payload
24 Minutes
Dimensions Unfolded
Operating Temperature
‐20°C ‐ 45°C
Dimensions Folded
IP Rating
Folding method
Inward Folding
Max Ascent Speed
Diagonal Wheelbase
Max Descent Speed
Max 2 fitted
Max Speed
Weight (with TB50 Battery)
Max Service Ceiling (ASL)
Weight (with TB55 Battery)
Operating Frequency
2.400 ‐ 2.483 /
Max Take Off Weight
5.725 ‐ 5.850
Max Payload (with 2 TB50)
Max Transmitting Distance
Max Payload (with 2 TB55)
Hovering Accuracy
Vertical +‐ 1.64 feet
Max Wind Resistance
32.8 ft/s 10 m/s
0.33 feet (vision system)

National Response Package - Quick Reaction Force

We offer affordable, monthly packages for National UK UAV response teams for high threat,
crisis and emergency situations;

  • Three two man teams on standby to deploy immediately, anywhere in the country.
  • Three simultaneous concurrent deployments at any one time.
  • One single, long term deployment of up to 7 days on rotation between three teams.
  • Mission support operators at our UK HQ to ensure uptime, data transfer and mission management.
  • Multi agency data hand off.
  • Multi agency sensor control.
  • Latest UAV equipment, sensors and payloads.
  • Secure live situation broadcast to multiple locations via 3g, 4g and secure satellite communications link.
  • Guaranteed deployment times.
  • Tried and tested methods of response and broadcast into secure networks (tested into COBRA).
  • Security cleared operators.
  • Dedicated single contact number, manned 24/7 365 days per year.

Our team can tailor a Response Team Package, for a fully outsourced UAV Program, that
includes a monthly fee to provide; Pilots, Payloads and Documentation.

JOSHUA Training Packages

Our Team are across all current regulations, well experienced in incident response and are effective team members, who integrate seamlessly with any agencies. All system purchases are inclusive of either a 3 day ‘platform specific’ training package for qualified pilots


A 5 day qualification ground school course at either the end users location or at our training facility. Summative annual assessments can also be arranged as part of a comprehensive training validation suite.