JOSHUA – the world’s most advanced early warning and threat detection platform

JOSHUA’s joint agency response system and threat intelligence platform provides an innovative, centralised command and control system. JOSHUA expands early warning and detection capability, to increase safety in cities, at vulnerable sites and iconic structures, whilst responding faster to threats such as terrorism, cyber-crime, by saving life and swiftly returning to normality. The JOSHUA Platform provides World 1st, state of the art, CBRNe Sensor capability, cyber threat detection and artificial intelligence.

Highly secure, encrypted, resilient and reliable, JOSHUA provides a proactive solution against crime and terrorism by helping law and security agencies identify and disrupt criminal planning processes, apprehend perpetrators, and prevent attacks. Security-related incidents and suspicious activity reports are collected and aggregated in JOSHUA Reporting and integration with external systems. The data is then analysed to identify threats and larger patterns of activity. Controlled policies and rules, threat information is securely shared with those who need to know.

The JOSHUA Platform saves time to investigate, utilising less resources and therefore reduced costs in responding to terrorist attacks. By hardening the surveillance and threat detection capability and implementing the JOSHUA sensor networks, the technology offers improved utilisation of resources in Police, Security and Intelligence agencies. JOSHUA’s advanced analytics detects, analyses and reports on threats, suspicious and illegal activities and provides earlier intervention and response to terrorist attacks and violent crimes.

The system has been developed by multi-agency operational and tactical counter- terrorism advisors, and their partner agencies. JOSHUA is a bespoke service sponsored by academics and space technology agencies. JOSHUA assists first responders by providing relevant, reliable and robust intelligence to combat extreme threats and terror now, and in the future.


To keep ahead of today’s Threat intelligence needs, Darknet feeds are critical to combating modern CBRNe threats, Terrorism and organised crime. For Police teams and security agencies, the capability and capacity to detect unusual spikes in crime, correlate criminal gatherings, and social media with Darknet profiles, exponentially increases the opportunity for capture and prosecution.

JOSHUA assists in saving of innocent lives and reduces the risks of responding agencies. JOSHUA pursues state sponsored, activist and insider threats. JOSHUA is the only real-time database of Darknet activities and telegram cross referenced to twitter for identifying bad actors. JOSHUA is a central warehouse of Darknet activity for the purpose of identifying threats and breaches to public and private sector security.

  • Incident pattern analysis and threat detection
  • Track known and unknown threats in real-time, online posts and propaganda
  • Exponentially increases opportunity for capture and prosecution
  • Trawls for social media profiles, forums
  • Trawls for extremist propaganda and related blackmarket Activity
  • Indexes of counterfeit merchandise, stolen data, pirated goods or credit cards
  • AML – anti-money laundering, tracing asset losses
  • Interception and disruption of illicit narcotics and materials supply chain
  • Track crimes such as human trafficking, child exploitation
  • Hunting corporate espionage or classified information breaches

    • Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics
    • Correlates data from a wide range of sensors and online feeds
    • Watch lists – people, groups or items can be tracked or traced
    • Darknet threat intelligence report
    • Predictive analysis alerts for likely security risks
    • Incident, pattern analysis and threat detection


    Ground breaking algorithms detect, analyse and report suspicious activity and threats such as terrorism, organised crime, fraud and money laundering and a wide range of other unlawful activities.

  • Detects unusual activity, suspicious body language or behaviour
  • Detects chemicals, weapons and biometrics at borders crossings
  • Detects unusual spikes in crime
  • Correlates criminal activity and Darknet profiles
  • The world’s largest database of threat actors being collected in real-time
  • Detects irregular behaviour at sporting events or concerts
  • JOSHUA offers the most advanced 24 x 7 guards in the world

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence correlates sensor data feeds into events, incidents, behaviour and threats. Providing simple, tactical support and situational awareness. Our advanced sensor networks provide intuitive search capability provides deep level intelligence at the click of a mouse. The JOSHUA Platform can be integrated with existing CCTV Surveillance and sensor system offering rapid enhancement of existing capability. JOSHUA will detect, analyse report, threats of suspicious and unlawful activities.
  • CBRNe precursor detection, identification and monitoring
  • Weapons, suspicious packages, rucksacks, bags, vehicles
  • Toxic gas and chemical spills
  • Crowd facial recognition indexed from Darknet trawls and identity checks
  • Weapons, explosives, firearms, illegal substances
  • State of the art air and water sensors
  • IoT command control centre interface
  • Biometrics - fingerprints, facial structure, iris and voice
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    The most feature rich, advanced Drone in the market for Police, Fire, Medical, Emergency, Rescue, Traffic, Security and any other type of 1st response team. We offer more than 'the drone hardware' our team of experts will customise advanced AI and analytics along with cyber intelligence from Darknet feeds. Using bespoke algorithms and software, to pass on intelligence in a clear and precise manner like ANPR - automatic number plate recognition, facial recognition, social media, encrypted messaging and suspicious behaviour models, JOSHUA UAV's are able to clarify, identify, target and pass on that information to the inter connected command centres for real time analysis. Darknet feeds provide deep level, threat analysis, which supports operations by providing intelligence on motives, intent, capability and parties involved – such as APT, state sponsor or Terrorist. JOSHUA Drone has a transmitting distance of 7km, an IP rating 43, a flight time of up to 38 minutes, and many more 'out of the box' features.

    • Long range, live data streaming
    • Video Analytics – people, objects, vehicles and locations
    • Suspicious Behaviour – body language, behaviour and illegal activity
    • Facial Recognition – cross check raw data feeds of faces and crowds with Darknet Trawls
    • Create Geofences to track movement in and out of any secure site
    • Track MAC ID, IP addresses and Geolocation coordinates
    • Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR)
    • Thermal signatures, Near Infra-Red (NIR) and Electro-optical images and video
    • Collecting vital data sets and intelligence
    • CBRN Detection - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
    • Scene analysis and assessment
    • Vital sign monitoring
    • 5km line of sight
    • 23m/s Max Speed
    • Technical Support and Onsite Training



    There are a number of options available when configuring the JOSHUA Platform. The Command and control centre platform, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, CBRNe Sensors, UAV – Drones, 3D Air-touch Holograms and Training. Each Sentinel Server comes with an array of Sensors, Holograms and Darknet Cyber threat intelligence components.


    The JOSHUA Server mainframe locks data down with a public 256-bit AES encryption – the same robust protocol used in the ubiquitous SSL and TLS web encryption standards SSL and TLS web encryption standards, and trusted by the governments around the world for protecting classified data.


    Secure Data Centre Infrastructure – the JOSHUA Platform is licensed to clients as a Software-as-a-Service subscription model that offers a self host or hosted cloud option. JOSHUA will operate in a closed environment with high levels of security with options of partial or hosted API based solution ideal for complex video analytics.


    We customise each solution and deliver many different aspects of threat detection. In the oft murky world of underground markets, underground cyber criminal threat actor’s anonymity is the key to avoiding detection. The ongoing challenge for commercial entities & law enforcement departments globally, is to quickly uncloak the identities of these threat actors involved in documented malicious activities. We provide a  team of experts to confidential consultation to meet today’s existing and emerging threats. Our customised monthly plans cover hardware, software and services.